About EEC
European Engineering Center is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary firm in the fields of technical, financial and project management that operates in wide range of industries.

Our team has significant experience in project management, specifically in initiation and alignment of complex export-related and infrastructure projects. We help our clients in building consortiums and teams, in negotiation and affirmation of key terms and milestones, provide full assistance in raising debt and equity financing for execution of the above projects, guide from the development of the idea to project implementation. We collaborate with the best engineering and construction teams and financial institutions.

European Engineering Center concentrates its activity on projects in Southern and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS and Africa. A large network of technical and financial experts in most regions allows us to conduct our business without being tied to any specific country.

We provide our services in the following sectors:
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Aerospace
We advise our clients and partners in setting the direction towards their goals, help them to realize their ideas and to create sustainable business.
Project management
Coordination counterparties throughout the project lifecycle from early stages like initiation, marketing and pre-FEED studies to advanced like monitoring and post-implementation support.

Our key advantages are deep understanding of the pitfalls of complex projects, wide partner network and support of financial institutions, development and export-related agencies.
Complex technical solutions for sophisticated projects. We attract qualified executives and project staff in order to identify best solutions and deliver on project success. We use our wide partner network to bring in the best expertise.
Industrial Automatization
We have impressive track-record of industrial automation projects in various sectors, such as electric power, oil and gas transport, renewable energy systems, road and rail traffic management.
Financing and structuring
We assist clients and partners in wide scope of financial services for export-related and infrastructure projects.

Strong relationships with leading banks, lease finance providers, insurance companies and export agencies foster the attraction of financial services and required financing for the projects.
Novorossiysk container terminal
Location: Russia
Role: origination, project management
Result: feasibility study concluded, site acquisition and equipment procurement organized, operations launched
Deal size: confidential
Bulk-carrier shipbuilding
Location: Russia
Role: project management, engineering, capital raising, procurement
Result: design selected, shipyards tendered, capital raised
Deal size: 150 mln USD
Petroleum products pipeline
Location: Africa
Role: project management, engineering, capital raising
Result: feasibility study concluded, pre-FEED optimized
Deal size: 800 mln USD
Petrochemical plant development
Location: Russia
Role: project management, engineering, building, procurement
Result: plant engineered and built
Deal size: confidential
Gaz pipeline
Location: Eastern Europe
Role: origination, project management
Result: project initiated, consortium formed
Deal size: 250 mln USD
We always hire highly-qualified professionals and graduate talents, who is looking for ambitious projects and new challenges.

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